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This is a list of services and a brief list of the equipment we use on our productions.  I would like to invite you to contact us for a rate sheet & a customized quote for your project. 



Pre Production is a critical step of any production. We manage all aspects of pre production: budget management, location scouting, permits, production schedules, booking talent, wardrobe and more. 

Digital Cinematography


We bring a unique and fresh approach to capturing your story. With an artful eye we communicate your vision in an impactful way.

Aerial Cinematography


In a world that is ever evolving, technology is not only something to be kept up on, but something to be led. Witch is exatcly what Aaron Laub Visuals does. We lead the curve with the latest equipement, to keep our fleet as well as our camera collection at a level that leaves all others in the dust.


Aside from looking good, our new generation of aerial rigs are built to be as safe and reliable as possible. This is something that Aaron Laub Visuals have built themselves on, And with the rise of the RC Aerial Industry at an all time high, stories of on set crashes and mishaps by newcomers seen to be flooding the film world. This is were our equipemtn ajd experince shine. Saftey always comes first





Editing is a critical and exciting part of the story telling process. From audio mastering, color correction to motion graphics, we provide all your post production needs. 

Video Distribution & Content Mangament


With technology rapidly changing, so is the way people view content. Online video distribution and social media are highly effective and cost efficient ways to market your brand. We’re pros at distribution strategies. Why have a great video if no one sees it? 

Equipment Rental



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